王守仁实用综合教程第二版2英语review test1units1——4答案

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王守仁实用综合教程第二版2英语review test1units1——4答案
Unit 1 Growing Up
Part II Language Focus
1.respectable   2.agony  3.put…down  4.sequence  5.hold back  6.distribute  7.off and on    8.vivid   9.associate  10.finally   11.turn in  12.tackle
1.      has been assigned to thenewspaper’s Parisoffice.
2.      was so extraordinary that Ididn’t know whether to believe him or not.
3.      a clear image of how she wouldlook in twenty years’ time.
4.      gave the command the soldiersopened fire.
5.      buying bikes we’ll keep turningthem out.
1.      reputation, rigid, to inspire
2.      and tedious, What’s more, outof date ideas
3.      compose, career, avoid showing,hardly hold back
1.composed  2.severe  3.agony   4.extraordinary   5.recall 6.command   7.was violating   8.anticipate
1.at  2.for  3.of 4.with 5.as  6.about  7.to  8.in, in  9.from 10.on/upon

Comprehensive Exercises
Ⅰ. Cloze
1.hold back  2.tedious 3.scanned  4.recall  5.vivid 6.off and on  7.turn out/in  8.career
1.last 2.surprise  3.pulled  4.blowing 5.dressed  6.scene  7.extraordinary  8.image 9.turn  10.excitement
Ⅱ. Translation
1.      As it was a formal dinnerparty, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to.
2.      His girlfriend advised him toget out of/get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took hold.
3.      Anticipating that the demandfor electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided toincrease its production.
4.      It is said that Bill has beenfired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. /Bill is said tohave been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules.
5.      It is reported that thegovernment has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe watershortage. /The local government is reported to have taken proper measures toavoid the possibility of a severe water shortage.
Susanlost her legs because of / in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know howto face up to the fact that she would never (be able to) walk again.
Oneday, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eye /shewas attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabledgirl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too,would finally be bale to lead a useful life.
I.   Vocabulary
1.    Fill in the gaps withwords or phrases given in the box.
1)    absolutely    2) available   3) every now and then   4) are urging/ urged  5) destination   6) mostly 7) hangs out  8) right away         9) reunion   10) or something   11) estimate    12) going ahead
2.    Rewriting
1)    It seemed that hisfailure in the examination was still on his mind.
2)    He was completely chokedup by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game.
3)    She was so lost in studythat she forgot to have dinner.
4)    Something has come up andI am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish the project on time.
5)    The cost of equipping thenew hospital was estimated at $2 million.

3.    Complete the sentences.
1) were postponed          the awful          is estimated
2) reference              not available         an kind of
3) not much of a teacher        skips            go ahead

II.  Collocation
1.to  2.for 3.at  4.from   5.in    6.to on   7.on  8.with
III. Usage
1.more or less  2.kind of/ sort of  3.something 4.kind of/ sort of  5.more or less  6.or something  7.Comprehensive exercises 
I.   Cloze
1.      text-related
1.choked up  2.awful 3.practically  4.neighborhood  5.correspondence 6.available  7.destination 8.reunion  9.Mostly  10.postponing 11.absolutely
2.      Theme-related
1.how  2.savings 3.embarrassment  4.phone  5.interrupted 6.touch  7.envelop  8.signed 9.message  10.needed
II. Translation
1.      Translate the sentences.
1)    Half an hour had gone by,but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home.
2)    Mary seems to be veryworried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the texts by heart.
3)    Since the basketballmatch has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum.
4)    He stayed in Australiawith his parents all the way through WWⅡ.
5)    Since I graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have kind of  lost touch with my classmates.

2.      Translate the passage.
Itis not easy to keep in touch with friends far away. This is true in my case.
Ithas been a couple of years since I left my old neighborhood and all the friendsthere. I have been meaning to write to them but things come up and I just don’tseem to find the time. They are always on my mind, however, and I think I willcertainly make an effort to keep up correspondence with them in the future.
Unit 3
I Vocabulary
1) brief    2) in terms of     3) cut  off      4) tend 
5) anyway  6)precise        7)in the formof   8) initiative
9) convey  10) in two minds  11) concept      12) grasp
1)    has ensured their team aplace in the Cup final.
2)medical workers’ responsibility to heal the wounded and rescue thedying.
3)entertain as well as educate the learner.
4)can do without air and water.
5)is likely to be held in June.
1)lies in   contactbetween     
 2)basis of    is likely sufficient  at the moment
3)the steady   will be highly
II Word Formation
1 regained     2 undecided  3 undersupplied   4 disabled
5 precondition  6foresight   7 mispronounced  8 enrich
1)majority  2) accpeted  3)increased 4)weaknesses
5) local    6) late      7)wrong     8)false
Comprehensive exercises
I Close
1)highly    2)bring about  3)evident 4)rate  5)sufficient
 6)put across 7)proportion   8)Hence 9)ensure
2.    Theme-related
1)understand   2)travel   3)practical      4)use     5)Another
6)likely       7)affect    8)developments  9)supply 10) Someday
II Translation
1)    As is predicted byscientists, global pollution has become one of the most serious problems humansare faced with.
2)    Competition for thesejobs is very tough –we have five times as many applicants this year as we didlast year/ there are five times as many applicants this year as there were lastyear.
3)    As the facts show,educational programs need to fit into the national plan for economicaldevelopment.
4)    The car burns too muchgas, and moreover, the price is almost twice as much as I intend to pay.
5)    To understand a greatinternational event, we, first of all, need to consider the historical andpolitical background to it.
2 It is hard to imagine how ourforefathers could do without so many conveniences that modern technology hasbrought about. Back then only a small proportion of the population enjoyed thecomforts of life. The majority didn’t even have sufficient food, not to speak of/let alone the privilege of being educated. However, many people blame moderntechnology for creating so many problems. They want to slow down the rate ofprogress. But no one can put the clock back.

Unit 4
1)wreck       2) balance     3) approaching   4) handle 
5)discard      6) Above all    7) diet          8) do with
 9)checked on  10) cleaned up   11) weekly      12) principles
1)    to look for survivorswere abandoned after it had been/was determined that all the people in the sunkenship had died.
2)    was amazed that Bob lefta well-paid job travel around the world.
3)    for a loan has beenturned down by many a bank as her business is small and she could provide noguarantee.
4)    express her thoughts withprecision, so people often misunderstand her.
5)    will weaken ourdetermination to modernize our country in the shortest possible time.
1) for sale        huntingfor  be amazed by
2)    become skilled  handle their loans
3)character       by calling on   he passed away 
II Confusable words
1.      1) personal  2) personnel
1) sometime  2) Sometimes 3)some time   4) sometime
III Euphemism
de hcgabf
Comprehensive Exercises
I Close
1.    Text-related
1)sponsored  2)determination  3) turned away  4) assumed 5) capacity
6)skilled  7)loan   8) character  9) hunting  10) for sale 11) sendfor
2.    Theme-related
1)save       2)recent   3)modest     4) grow   5) dream
6)    immigrants7)business  8) engineering  9)invest 10) rich
III Translation
1)     It is reported that UNmediators have worked out a plan which they hope will be acceptable to bothsides.
2)     Doris walked in the forest cautiously, afraid of being attacked by giantsnakes.
3)     Earthquakes, typhoons and othernatural disaters cannot be prevented, but action can be taken to protect lifeand property.
4)     I bought a new issue of myfavorite sports magazine and hurried home, anxious to amuse myself reading it.
5)     Helen lacks confidence. I’venever known anyone so unsure of herself.
Aftergraduating from college, Tony decided to start his own business. At thebeginning, many a bank turned down his request for a loan. But he was not a bitdiscouraged, and continued to call on one banker after another seeking help.Impressed by his determination and optimism, one banker finally agreed to loanhim the money. Now he has become a wealthy businessman. Talking about hisamazing achievement, Tony says that it is important to create rather than waitfor opportunities.


1.1-6 acbcab
2 1. dangerous   2.themselves  3. unhappy   4.unhealthy
3. 1. helpful   2. themselves  3. to keep   4. skating   5. hours’
3.  how did,talk  64. did, have  65.looking after, well




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